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The process of investment castings is much complicated. A foundry uses this process for producing small intricate and metallurgical sound castings under close supervision.

The investment castings technique used in metal formation is also known as lost wax casting. It’s most common and oldest casting process technique used by every industry in India. The Investment Castings technique is widely used to bring high level of accuracy and integrity in alloys.

Foam casting is one of the most modern approaches of investment castings where you have to follow few steps to get final investment castings. Such manufacturing is comparatively more expensive than die casting and sand casting.

Investment Castings manufacturers offers low equipment cost. The main advantage of using Investment Castings is the ability of Investment Castings to produce complicated metal shapes that would be almost impossible to form with die or sand casting.

Being reputed investment castings manufacturer and exporter in India, we are continuously striving to achieve excellence in our production. We are aiming towards maximizing our quality standards and consistent growth in casting industry.

Investment castings in India are in existence since centuries. This is environmental friendly casting technique able to withstand high temperature and pressure. This is most affordable casting process able to give sturdy designs to customers.

A conventional Investment Castings process includes following process steps:

  • Produce a master pattern
  • Mould making
  • Produce the wax patterns
  • Assemble the wax patterns
  • Investment
  • Dewax
  • Burnout & preheating
  • Pouring
  • Removal

We, at Jagdish Techno Cast offer you the high quality metal Castings with high degree of finishing and integrity. We're India's one of the leading Investment Castings Manufacturers and are able to provide high quality metal casting with different casting techniques.

Investment casting is most popular and ancient casting technique in India assures précised casting components at very affordable prices.

What are the benefits?

  • Investment castings techniques are most environmental friendly
  • Products are able to withstand high temperature and pressure.
  • Most affordable and précised casting technique in India
  • Intricate and complicated shapes can be designed precisely
  • More accurate and integrated approach for alloy castings

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